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About Us

About Us

ProGeni is a brand communication consultancy that focuses on high quality, tailor-made solutions for smaller businesses and individuals.

Our Uniqueness

ProGeni combines expertise, intuition and modern concepts to brand communication.

We view your brand as an extension of you as an individual and with that in mind we make sure that what you want to say to the world, your brand will say the same.

Why Choose ProGeni

ProGeni offers a unique take on brand consulting by viewing your brand as an extension of you as an individual. We will help you find your brand through yourself and place your core values within your brand. Through optimising your marketing and advertising expenses, we will share your business with the world and increase its profit.

The Professional

Marko Milin LinkedIn

Marko Milin, BA Strategic Brand Communication is a brand marketing consultant, with a wide interest in life and a passion for branding and marketing. He received his BA degree from the Independent Institute of Education, at Vega School in Pretoria, in 2018.

He also studied Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia for one years at the University of Pretoria and obtained most of his business management knowledge during his 3-year study at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organisational Sciences.

Marko started his career as an IT Specialist, but as he progressed his studies, he was promoted to the Marketing Consultant at the engineering and consulting company MATREX, South Africa, where he applied his knowledge to refresh the company’s brand, launch its new web-site and digital platforms, optimise their search engine and increase their visibility and social media presence

In 2017, he started his own brand consultancy agency ProGeni, which is successfully helping a number of growing companies to build their own brand and share their brand message with the world.